Vintage Florals was established in 2004 by Melissa Broadwell, from her home, with a baby on the way.  It has grown over the past 12 years into a thriving floral design company serving the greater Nashville's weddings and events.

Meet Melissa

Thanks so much for stopping by my site! 

My husband and I have been in Nashville for almost 20 years, and we love it here. We have 3 kids who are all in school now, so I've had a lot more time on my hands to work on flowers…never a bad thing!   I love to work with beautiful blooms and greenery with interesting textures and design shapes.  

I love my job.  I love getting to create with all of my senses.  And the best thing is that it isn't just for me!  It is for all of the lovely clients who order flowers for their events, weddings, and personal lives.  It is an honor and blessing to work for YOU!  My hope is that the flowers and types of designs we offer would be personal and bring joy to your heart.  

I chose the tagline "boutique floral design" years ago and it still applies today.  When I think of a boutique, I think of carefully selected items with specific people in mind.  That is what I aim for in every small or large event-to carry out the vision that you have been dreaming about in a careful, intentional way, because every event is unique and you!