I've been thinking a lot about growth lately. Going through a bout of personal growth myself, I have found it to be rocky, hopeful, emotional, and wonderful all at the same time. Life takes turns like that-many times with change comes hardship, but with hardship can also come growth. It's good...and hard!

This week, Nashville's 11th annual Lawn & Garden show will be taking place down at the fairgrounds. The theme for this year is "here we grow again." I am honored to be in a group of wonderful florists around town who will be displaying their floral talents in a floral gallery. It is always so much fun to meander through the gallery, in wonder, at the amazing talent in Nashville.

Because of the theme, I've been thinking about my floral piece and how it can reflect growth. I'm excited about the inspiration that is coming and how I might be able to express my personal experience in art form. I've never really considered myself an artist, but I do think it is important for things to have meaning.

So here's a glimpse of what might be won't take shape until I have my hands on it, but the elements will be...a tree trunk, flowering branches, moss, flower heads...and tags or maybe wooden pieces with WORDS!! Words of inspiration, of growth. Gardens need inspiration, imagination, patience, love, tenderness...and we do too.