It is always quite a production delivering this piece for the Lawn & Garden show. The show always falls on the same week as my oldest daughter's birthday, and somehow, the day for delivery also falls on the day that my younger kids aren't in school! This is my life...I'm not complainin'...just sayin'!! Thank you to our dear friend, Randy Williams, for helping me get the thing into the building and then kindly watching my kids in the car while I added finishing touches. It was worth all the work! For some crazy and sometimes unfortunate reason, I work best under pressure.

The first couple of pictures were taken in my front yard to capture the details of the arrangement. My friend and neighbor, Kelly, helped me carry this thing around, from garage to car, to yard, back to belted in their seats and a couple of moms carrying around a board with a tree trunk on it...I'd love to know what the other neighbors were thinking!

"Here we grow again," the theme for the Lawn & Garden show this year, took on new meaning for me as I thought through what to create. Life and growth, love, patience, and joy spring up out of the dirt. The bulbs from my daffodils and tulips wait in the ground all summer, fall, and winter to push back up again in the spring, coming alive with color, fragrance, and beauty. What a wonderful image. I feel like I've been in the dirt and muck this winter, and thank God, life and growth are coming up out of it!!

I wanted to show this in my arrangement. An outdoor scene, the tree trunk, the moss, the quince branches budding and waiting to pop with bloom. The orange parrot tulips inspired the color scheme. I love how, when massed together, the green carnations look like a ground cover. Yellow and white button pom-poms offer color and texture. And the tulips-ruffled, opening, growing taller and taller, reaching toward the from ashes and dirt.

**in the floral gallery