Grey is growing on me.

I must admit, I'm a bit late to the grey and yellow color trend. It just took me a little time to adjust to it. It seems that grey is the new green accent. I love green. It is my favorite color. But I will say, grey is growing on me. I recently toured my friend Amy's beautifully remodeled home. You really need to check out her website. You'll be inspired! She painted her walls grey, and I love it! It is calming, muted, goes with everything, and also has a modern, but not too stuffy feel to it.

Same with flowers. Grey foliage and berries go with everything! Pair it with white and ivory, pinks, fall tones, purples, blues, and the most popular right now-with yellow.

Here are some options for grey foliage, berries, flowers:

Dusty Miller-can be a little droopy, so be prepared! It has a curly look, a bit like an oak leaf.

Lambs Ear-has a wide, velvety leaf, and a bit more sturdy.

Seeded eucalyptus-the leaf is hearty and is silvery-green.

Silver Brunia-a berry that works wonderfully in bouquets and boutonniere's.

Echiveria blooms-some varieties of this succulent have a silver-green hue to them.

Sneak peak-Emily and Josh

Ivory hydrangea, roses, ranunculus, freesia, craspedia, dusty miller, and lemon leaf.

A bridal portrait mock-up for an upcoming April wedding:

White football mums, button pom-poms, craspedia, and dusty miller.