Looking ahead to Summer

Late summer is HOT in the South! We just learn to live in it-sweat and all! Drink a lot of water, go to the pool, wear a sundress. To me, it only seems fitting to create arrangements with hot colors. For an August or September wedding, one of my favorite color schemes includes fuschia, orange, and ivory with touches of green. It almost hints at fall, but adding in a splash of hot pink keeps us in the heat just a little bit longer.

Because of the heat, it is important to choose seasonal flowers that will hold up. Here's a list of seasonal flowers for August and September.

Dahlias-shades of orange, yellow, deep purple, yellow/red combo, red and pinks, white
Cockscomb-fuschia, green, hot pink, red, yellow
Zinnias-red, pink, yellow, orange, green, white
Allium-tall, slender stem with a purple ball-shaped bloom at the top.
Amaranthus (upright and hanging)-green, burgundy, fuschia
Chocolate cosmos
Gomphrena-orange, purple, red (looks like a miniature strawberry or clover)
Snowberry-pink and white
Tuberose-tall stem with fragrant white blooms near the top.
Gerber daisies
Mixed herb bouquets

Below are a few VF summer samples from the last couple years.

Bridal bouquet-White dahlias, fuschia cockscomb, green succulants (echiveria), ivory hypericum berries, scabiosa pods, hot pink ranunculus, green ornamental cabbage, maidenhair fern.

Bridal bouquet-green hydrangea, fuschia dahlias, hot pink orchids, purple campanula, and roses.

Boutonniere-purple eryngium, hot pink gomphrena, lavender, and hypericum berries.