Mondays and left-overs

I'm not a fan of Mondays. My closest friends know this and often send me texts of encouragement on this first day of the week. It is difficult to get going after a busy weekend of balancing work, family, and friends. I try to have a plan in place to help my unmotivated self, otherwise I'd just stare at a wall and let my kids watch too much TV. Not good!!

Having fresh flowers in the house always helps my mood, and if I'm lucky, I might have a left-over stem or two from an event, especially during busy seasons. If I have a few blooms left over, or even greenery that I like, I'll find a fitting container (most of the time, a bud vase or small recycled jar) and begin cutting stems and placing them around the house. I like having them on the kitchen table, in the bathroom, and on the piano...really anywhere that will have them!

This week, I not only had a few flowers left over from a wedding, but my wholesaler gifted me with some white peonies that were going to go bad in a few days. I was able to remove a few brown spots and, oh my goodness, they were the most beautiful blooms I've ever seen! I took a few to a birthday party and people thought they were fake!! I'm hoping they'll last more than a few days, but even if they don't last past Monday, I will be enjoying them until then. These blooms will point me to the wonder of God's creation. And on a day when a bit of depression could set in, I'll be reminded to have a grateful heart.