Nashville Wedding-Pete & Jennifer

I love weddings. I love thinking about the couple about to make a life-long commitment to each other. I love seeing families and friends, all in one place, ready to support and celebrate. I love sitting next to my husband, holding his hand, remembering moments from our day eleven years ago. I love the music, the flowers, the dresses, the anticipation. One of my favorite moments is looking back at the groom when the bride begins her walk down the aisle. The look on his face is of awe, beauty, love.

In late August, we attended (and flowered) the wedding of Jennifer and Pete Peterson. I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite weddings that I've ever attended. It was tasteful, simple, sweet, and very personal. Both writers, Jennifer and Pete, are creative and imaginative people, to say the least! The wedding ceremony, while simply decorated with white calla lilies on the pews and altar, reflected characters in their fiction books! The flower girl carried a violin filled with white daisies that she tossed. Then pirates and little girls covered in flowers, came down the aisle! While the characters gave a sense of humor and creativity to the ceremony, the heart of the service was meaningful, thought provoking, and filled with community. Lee and I walked away thinking more about God and how to better support our friends and each other. It was beautiful.

Jennifer chose to carry white calla lilies, and we accented them with a ruffle of ti leaves around the edges. To raise the eye in the sanctuary, we added calla lilies to the chairs in the aisle, and on the altar, we used more tall callas with bells of ireland and summer grasses. Simple strands of Italian ruscus accented the tall windows.

Photographer, Amber Beckham, captured the wedding like a beautiful story. Check out for more pictures of the wedding and all of her work!

Best wishes, Jennifer and Pete! Marriage is an adventure...have fun!!!