When I was 4, I started playing the violin.  My parents put me in private lessons, mom worked with me (ticka- ticka, stop-stop, for anyone out there that knows the Suzuki method), I played in orchestras, and put on recitals all through high school.  I enjoyed it, and I was a good player, but not great compared to others who actually spent real time practicing.  

I've never been good at practicing. 

Somehow, I got away with winging it, using last minute moments to turn on the creativity and conjure up the skills I'd been taught all those years.  

I still do this, but a change is in order.  Now that my oldest daughter is taking piano lessons, I am trying to instill in her the discipline of practice.  

I don't know if practice makes perfect, but it sure does make better!  

Soooo, since floral design is my job and I do actually enjoy it, I am going to between events and carpools...and hope to get better.  

The flowers here are extras I had after doing some mock-ups for an upcoming wedding.  Peony, roses, hydrangea, some craspedia from the house, and caladium leaves from the yard.  I'm trying a different style here...a little more free-form, yet placing emphasis on individual blooms.  Looking at each bloom to inspire what pairs up the best helps to bring out the natural color scheme, I think.     

When you really love doing something, practicing can actually be fun!  How about that!!!