First Friday DIY: Containers, Part 2

My friend, Julie, and I were talking the other day about DIY post ideas, and she suggested that I teach about a trick I taught her a while back when some branches she had needed a little help in a large pitcher.  When I dropped the branches into the container, they all fell out to the sides, leaving the middle empty.  I asked her if she had a vase or jar that was smaller than the container.  She did, and when we filled the vase and placed it inside the pitcher, the branches stood up perfectly in the larger container.  You'd never know there was a vase inside!

Julie's vintage pitcher and branches!

Sometimes a container that you really like may be too big, too tall, or too wide for the amount of flowers or branches you have.  Some containers aren't fit for water either.  For example, I love the idea of using fun, colorful cans for vases.  What I have found, though, is that after a few days, water starts leak and rust the bottom of the can, leaving an orange ring on whatever it is sitting on.  Not good-especially for a person like me who stinks at getting stains out.  

The answer in both cases?  Like in the example above, find a smaller container than the can (I like using recycled jars), fill with water, and place it into the can.  Then proceed to arrange your flowers.  


Fill the smaller container with water and place into the can.  Notice that the jar is shorter than the can.

Remember the grid from last month?  Since we are using a smaller container, we can create the same "grid" without the tape.  It's in the way that you place the flowers into the vessel.  The first blooms should be cut so that the length of the stem is a little bit shorter than the height of the vase.  This will allow the blooms to peek over the edge of the container, making it look really full.  Put one bloom in at a time, each time placing the bloom on the opposite side of the other.  When you look down into the vase, you will see that each stem is making an "x" with the one across from it. 

Once you have a grid of 4-6 blooms around the edge, start filling in and up.  You'll notice that the grid will begin support the rest of the flowers, and they will stand where you want them.  

Changed background here-the roses are actually orange, not peach!  :)  

There are 6 blooms around the edges and 1 large in the middle here.

I had some left-over Jasmine vine that I looped in and out of the roses for an accent.  You can accent with any smaller flowers or greenery.

Looks a little bit like a crazy hair day, but I like it!  :)   

Happy Arranging! friend, Julie, that I mentioned above has a great food blog-you should check it out if you haven't already!  I pretty much use it as my online cookbook!  :)