First Friday DIY: Thanksgiving

I should just start calling this Friday DIY, because I'm not keeping up with the "first friday" part. :/  Goodness, the days speed by!  For Vintage Florals, I've been busy meeting with potential clients for next year, putting quotes together, getting ready for December weddings, and thinking about getting decorations up for a few Christmas clients I have.  It's a busy time for everyone and I have to keep refocusing on what's really important during this season-thanksgiving and gratitude.  

My friend, Julie, posted on her blog a couple years ago about how her family makes a Thankful Tree, "to encourage gratitude" during the season.  It is not only a thoughtful way to honor the season, but it is beautiful, economical, and simple.  So over the weekend, my daughter, Nora, and I gathered what we needed to make a Thankful Tree.  It's been fun to see my kids walk over, write something down, and hang it on the tree..things like family, the world, food!, God, and our home.  There's still time to do this project-it just takes a little time and everyone can be involved!  You can find instructions on Julie's blog here:  Thankful Tree

With Thanksgiving in mind, this month's DIY is going to focus on decorating ideas for your table.  I like to keep it simple, because whether you are putting food ON the table, or serving buffet style, there always tends to be a lot on the table and you don't want it to look cluttered.  You can do this by creating a simple tablescape.  A tablescape is an arrangement of similar items that cluster in the middle of a table or go the length of a longer table.  

Here's a list of items I like to work with:  

acorns, branches with fall leaves, pumpkins, gourds, candles, mason jars, platters, and chrysanthemums.  

Most of these items can be collected from your yard, house, or nature walk in a nearby field! Depending on your plates or tablecloth, you can go a few different directions with color.  I love the warm colors of, red, yellow, brown, and green.  If you want a more modern look, you could choose one color.  For a more upscale look, a beautiful serving dish filled with miniature white pumpkins and gourds, accented with greenery and roses.  For a natural look..greens, whites, ivory, and browns would be lovely.  You may have a dish or napkin you love, so you could work your elements and colors around it.  Or, you could use all candles in differing heights and sizes.  

For my mock-up tablescape, I collected things I like from around the house.  

Here's how it turned out-I like an eclectic mix! 

Craspedia, greenery, funny gourd person :)  

Mini pumpkins, funny gourd person (Levi's creation!)

Ikea pedestal bowl, acorns, pumpkin, greenery.  

Have fun with this!  If you have kids, get them involved.  They will be so proud to see their gathered items or artwork on the table.  As the season ramps up with shopping and lists, I hope that this next week especially can be full of simplicity and thanksgiving.  

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Arranging!