Pipe Dreams

Friday mornings are for coffee at our house.  Since my husband, Lee, bought an espresso machine with his saved up Christmas and birthday money, we've been opening the door on Fridays to friends and neighbors who want a good cup.  It has been this communal thing that we didn't expect and we are so grateful.  We serve up coffee and then get to enjoy the company of whoever stops by.  Everyone wins!  And if I have a flower job, friends just step over the buckets of flowers and hang out while I make boutonnieres.  

We have this dream to open a coffee flower shop one day.  I have visions of a community of people gathering to share life with each other over a cup of coffee with the hubbub of flower design in the background.  I'm sure it would be a crazy way to work, but something about it feels so right. Maybe one day.  For now, if you are in the neighborhood on Friday morning, you can stop by for a cup and visit for a while.