A Grateful Heart

It's been while since I've posted anything because the fall gets SO busy around here. With weddings happening on weekends and my 3 kids running around with all of their activities, it can seem like a whirlwind at times! We've had a great year, though, and I'm thankful. I thought I'd dedicate this post to all of the wonderful brides and families that I was honored to work with this year. I'm also thankful for the many vendors and wedding planners that made the events come together so beautifully. I have cherished the connections that we've made. It has been a joy to work with so many lovely people.

I'm also looking forward to meeting all of you new brides in 2012! I can't wait to dream with you and hear your stories. While I love beauty and am truly inspired by pretty things, sometimes the way things "look" can drive the decision making in this industry. I hope that it can be more than that. A wedding is one of the most important events of a person's life, and I hope that we can all focus on making weddings beautiful not just for the "wow" factor, but most importantly, to help make a lasting memory for the special couple and their families.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to make things meaningful and pretty. What a fun job! I'm so grateful.