In the craziness of life, I'm thankful for a creative outlet.  It feeds my soul to sit, quiet my mind, look at an empty vessel, full buckets at my feet, and create.   The ruffled, soft beauty of ranunculus, the dahlia with it's sophisticated, sideways glance, and the fragrance of the garden rose all pointing to something outside of myself...a big and personal God who is in control of the most minute detail, even the flowers of the field.  If this life were left to me, it would be as messy as the left-over flowers look in an old bucket, stinky with fermenting flower-water.

No kidding.  

Practicing again with left-over blooms.  Ranunculus, dahlias, garden roses, and stock.  I found the embroidery hoops at a tag sale and picked them up hoping to do something creative with them.  This will do for now.  I kind of like them on the wall...maybe they'll stay!