An update and a wedding.

When I've been away from this blog, it is always so hard to know what to write about and what images to show first.  I may just ramble for a minute...  

We were really busy this spring with some beautiful events and I can't wait to share images from some of them. Now, things are slowing down for the summer and I'm so glad because my house is loud with kids home for summer break.  It is a violent shifting of gears and I am continually coming to terms with the fact that I am not a great multi-tasker.  When my mind is full of creative flower-arranging, email answering, and quote-making thoughts, it is hard to be a fully present mom.  I'm always trying to figure out how to do it better, but for now, I'm just glad for the break so that we can have slow mornings and go to the pool.  

On another note, I'm so very excited to be on the preferred vendor list for Tennessee on the most beautiful wedding site, Once Wed!  I feel so honored and humbled to be listed next to some of the vendors in the industry that I admire the most. 

The images below are from a wedding I worked on this past November.  I know, it's Spring, but I don't have those pictures yet.  Coming soon!  

This wedding was a blast to work on because Sarah, the bride, is a porcelain artist living and working in Brooklyn, and she made all of the vessels that we used for the flowers.  They were absolutely stunning and I was a nervous wreck trying not to break anything!  The event was a lovely mash-up of rustic/Southern meets modern/organic style.  

Vessels and mobiles:  hand-crafted by the bride, Sarah Cihat
Flowers:  Melissa Broadwell-Vintage Florals
Venue:  The Wrens Nest
Event Styling:  Jessica Sloane
Photography:  Austin Gros