An updated website!

Well, I couldn't be more excited to launch a new website today!  It has been a long time coming and I just can't wait for you to be able to look through the pages.  I've been terrible at updating my blog, so finally there are images available of the more recent events I've worked on over the past few years.  

On the "Learning" page, I will soon be updating folks on upcoming flower arranging classes that I will be leading either on my own or with my friend, Jessica Sloane.  I will also post tips about flower care and arranging flowers for your own home or loved one.  

I have to send some love to my friend, and talented photographer, Meredith Teasley, who took all of the pictures on the website of me smiling and arranging flowers.  I am not used to having my picture taken, but she made it fun and super laid back!  Thank you, friend!!  

With that, here's a smiley (excited) one to go on!  :-)